Educational Services

Real Runners Aim

Our goal is to assist schools in encouraging all children to participate in some form of physical activity, preferably athletics, using the profiles of the international elite athletes and coaches as role models. We believe that by providing children with a truly positive experience, we hope to loosen the grip of the ever-expanding ‘Playstation culture’ and present them with an attractive, healthy alternative. Who knows, we could be providing the first step on the ladder for a future Olympic champion!

The aim of our education provision is two-fold; to foster increased levels of concentration and motivation in children, providing them with an antidote to apathy and sluggishness in all areas of their life & to provide them with a heightened physiological awareness within a relaxed and light-hearted environment in which team-work is always prized over premature competitiveness between individuals.

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Our Extra-Curricular Services provides children with an hour of fun-filled, re-energising as well as informative activity. This can take place during lunch time or immediately following the end of the school day – a time many of them would usually devote to slumping in front of a television or computer screen, snacking on unhealthy food.

* After School Athletics Club – Safe and fun environment for an hour after school, where children have the opportunity to explore and develop their skills, in a range of traditional athletic events (running, throwing, jumping).

* Before School Breakfast Club – The perfect way to wake the children’s body and mind, with an hour or half an hour Fitness and Multi-Sport club before school. The advantages of physical activity before school will help to concentrate and focus the children for the day ahead.

* Lunch Time Club – A supervised constructive activity for children for half an hour during lunch. Children to meet coach on the school field/playground and to be dismissed from the school field/playground.

Real Runners PPA Time Covering

New legislation allows teachers to spend 10% of their teaching time, away from the class, for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA time). As a result schools have begun using sport as a way of covering PPA time.

We have designed a well structured, professional and flexible solution to PPA cover, helping to enrich and extend the school’s curriculum in physical education.

Bespoke Sports Programmes

Our bespoke sports programmes are developed through consultations, with the Head Teacher or PE Co-ordinator. The programme will meet the individual needs of the population group and have clear outcomes.

We help key stage 1 and 2 children develop key fundamental skills, such as improved motor skills, agility, coordination and communication skills in accordance with National Curriculum. We are also able to offer tailored workshops specifically for key stage 4 students in conjunction with GSCE specifications.

Runners Supply Cover

Real Runners also offer supply cover to schools at a very reasonable rate. All of our coaches have enhanced Enhanced DBS checks and a strong understanding of the national curriculum.

  • * High quality sports provision
  • * No preparation required for the supply teacher
  • * No agency handling fee
  • * Real Runners coaches/athletes fit easily into the school system
  • * A friendly, approachable face

The athletes & coaches at Real Runners follow specific schemes of work, which follows National Curriculum guidelines, covering the whole PE curriculum.

The philosophy behind this and all our services is, the clichéd but arguably irrefutable dictum:

“Fit in Body is Fit in Mind”