Fitness Services

The sessions devised by us are sure to be completely different to anything you’ve ever done before! As opposed to simply getting out there and cracking on with a 30 minute run, we set specific training sessions which involve a combination of aerobic and anaerobic threshold training, the perfect balance for success, based upon your goals and your capabilities!

Fitness Sessions include:

  • a basic warm up
  • a number of dynamic stretches and drills
  • a training session
  • a cool warm down
  • numerous static stretches.

We have a multitude of training services available:

What is it like to live life as an elite athlete? 1-to-1 gives you the opportunity to find out. Our international middle distance athletes are on hand to meet you at your house and take you through a specific training programme based upon your own physical capabilities and their own training experience.

Our team posses expertise knowledge and a strong passion for health and fitness. We thrive on encouraging and guiding others to work towards their health and fitness goals. Making an appointment is the first step toward establishing a routine that will keep you motivated and challenged. Consultations take place at your convenience, at your home or elsewhere, at your pace, with your personal goals always to the fore. We believe in treating our clients, exactly how an elite athlete would be treated. We use this exact method with beginners right through to elites.

** Sessions can be adapted if you are injured or currently in rehab – with alternative training sessions including aqua jogging, rowing, core stability or cycling. Training sessions will last between 45 and 70 minutes. However, longer training sessions can be arranged. Group sessions are also welcomed.

For further information, please contact Kevin on 07815 932491 or via

A minimum 24-hour advance notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment without forfeiting the cost of the session.

Why waste money on executive corporate monthly gym memberships that are rarely used? At Real Runners we offer on-site personal fitness programmes and corporate running. concentrating on helping corporate employees to improve their physical and mental health and productivity at work.

Here at Real Runners we are aware of the difficulties often encountered when trying to organize group or individual activities for employees, which is why we feel that you might be able to put our combined know-how to good use. Our corporate service package aims to assist companies in providing added value to their benefits & reward package that actually makes a difference to the lives of their employees. Professional training for today’s working professionals!

Our Corporate Running Workshop Club Aims To:

  • * Stimulate the mind and create a more productive employee
  • * Increase employees’ self-esteem
  • * Promote physical activity within the workplace
  • * Promote social interaction amongst staff
  • * Reduce the number of sick days of staff
  • * Increase a better working environment
  • * Allow for companies to offer their employees an additional service
  • * To promote and improve teamwork within the workplace
  • * FIT in BODY is FIT in MIND!

Running is one of the most easily accessible and popular forms of fitness in corporate society – it is also a great leveller, allowing graduate trainees to participate alongside managing directors.

One of our fully qualified athletes will meet you and your employees at your workplace and take you through a specific training regime outside in the open! So turn your work force into ‘real runners’ and combine socialising with professionalism and we GUARANTEE results!

For further information, please contact Kevin on 07815 932491 or via

Have an international athlete draw you up a specific training programme based on your goals and capabilities! One of our athletes will send you a set number of emails a week based on the package you choose. They will then follow your progress, liaise with your coaches and set future sessions accordingly. They will then follow up with a phone call (if you choose to take out this package) and answer any questions you might have.

Remember Real Runners are competing at the very top level of their sport, so they’re bound to be able to help! Not only can you receive advice from some of the best athletes in the UK but you can also chat to them too! Whether you’re interested in studying, racing in the States or keen to know what sessions the top guys are doing, Real Runners will be able to help!

This online training advice service is popular with younger athletes, coaches and marathon athletes.

  • Advice on marathon training
  • Cross country tips
  • Road running
  • Nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • Track training
  • Steeplechase technique
  • Stretching & drills
  • Scholarships abroad
  • Living with the Kenyans

Prices: we offer gold, silver and bronze monthly packages starting from only £30. For more information please contact Kevin on 07815 93249 or alternatively email Real Runners at

Our Extra-Curricular Services provides children with an hour of fun-filled, re-energising as well as informative activity. This can take place during lunch time or immediately following the end of the school day – a time many of them would usually devote to slumping in front of a television or computer screen, snacking on unhealthy food.

* After School Athletics Club – Safe and fun environment for an hour after school, where children have the opportunity to explore and develop their skills, in a range of traditional athletic events (running, throwing, jumping).

* Before School Breakfast Club – The perfect way to wake the children’s body and mind, with an hour or half an hour Fitness and Multi-Sport club before school. The advantages of physical activity before school will help to concentrate and focus the children for the day ahead.

* Lunch Time Club – A supervised constructive activity for children for half an hour during lunch.