Changing Rooms Policy:
Real Runners coaches must never use the same facilities as children to shower or change. Coaches must only enter changing rooms when absolutely necessary due to poor behavior, injury or illness.
• Real Runners coaches must only ever enter the changing rooms by themselves in an emergency and when waiting for a school teacher could result in harm to a child
• Teachers to be made aware of this at the start of the club. Whistleblowing Policy:
Overview – Whistleblowing is when a representative reports suspected wrongdoing at work. Officially this is called “making a disclosure in the public interest”.
If things appear “not right”, are illegal or if anyone at work is neglecting their duties, including: Someone’s health and safety is in danger
Damage to the environment
Covering up wrongdoing
If any of the above is taking place then it is essential that Kevin Quinn is contacted.

FROM September 1st 2014 (Ofsted Website)
Out of school clubs in which the youngest children are of reception age or older, the statutory minimum staffing ratio has been reduced to 1:30.
• Although this is the absolute minimum legal ratio, very few clubs will be able to operate safely at this level, nor will they be able to obtain specialist childcare insurance.
At Real Runners our coaching ratios are as follow:
ATHLETICS CLUB (Seasonal Summer Term) 1:12
LUNCH TIME CLUB 1:20 (MAX) The ratio for our lunch time club is slightly higher than our before/after school clubs as schools will have adults onsite/present.
Schools to be willing to provide assistance if when and if needed.
LUNCH TIME CLUB 1:15 (MAX) *If adults/lunch-time supervisors are NOT present KS1 ONLY Running/Fundamental Club 1:14